Brochure, application form and PDS/FSG

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      TimberSecure Brochure 505.25 KB

  2. Application Forms

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      TimberSecure Transfer Form 279.15 KB

  3. PDS/FSG

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      TimberSecure PDS&FSG (0717) 553.02 KB

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This information has been prepared by Rapid Solutions Pty Ltd AFSL 232422 ABN 49 055 149 203 (Rapid Solutions). Neither the Pest Controller that arranges TimberSecure (identified in the TimberSecure application form) nor its representatives endorse or otherwise take any responsibility for such information or the policy. The policy is administrated by Rapid Solutions on behalf of the issuer, Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd (Pacific International). Pacific International is authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority as a general insurer in Australia. The Pest Controller that arranges TimberSecure and its representatives have been authorised by Rapid Solutions as its general insurance distributor to distribute the policy, and act on behalf of Rapid Solutions when distributing the policy. Before making a decision about this policy, read the combined Product Disclosure Statement & Financial Services Guide to see whether it's right for you.