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TimberSecure Termite Insurance

Offer your clients the ability to protect their home after you've installed a treatment

TimberSecure is our termite insurance product that will assist you in gaining and retaining clients.  

What is TimberSecure?

It's an insurance policy that homeowners can purchase after you install a full termite treatment. It provides the home owner with peace of mind by offering $100,000 for timber replacement if termite damage occurs. For a single policy payment of  $360 (inclusive of all government charges) the homeowner is covered for 5 years.

During the 5 year policy period the homeowner must have the recommended termite inspections carried out. These inspections are organised between yourself and your client. The insurance policy is between your client and Pacific International. You don't have to worry about completing extra termite or insurance paperwork.

Benefits for you

  • Secure 5 years of termite inspection work
  • No excess in the event of a claim
  • Protects your No Claim Bonus
  • No claims recorded against your company's insurance
  • Standard termite inspection or treatment paperwork
  • No insurance paperwork or additional forms required

All inspections and treatments must comply with AS3660.

A brochure to give to your clients is available for download or you can order hard copies from our online store.

TimberSecure FAQ's are available here.