TimberSecure FAQ's

Here are some 'Frequently Asked Questions' that you may find helpful.

If you have have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call our insurance team on 1300 302 549.

Is the TimberSecure Policy just for new homes?

No, the policy can be issued on all free standing homes. It is also available for strata properties. The key issue is that there is a complete and approved termite management system in place around the perimeter. With Strata that means the various unit owners will need to agree to both the TMS and the insurance policy.

Which type of termite management systems are approved under the TimberSecure Policy?

Physical and chemical barriers and baiting and monitoring systems are approved.

If I go with a baiting and monitoring system can I monitor the stations myself and still get the policy?

No, the stations must be inspected by an accredited Rapid Solutions pest controller.

Do I have to keep having inspections after I have had the barrier/system installed?

Yes, as per the recommendations of the approved accredited Rapid Solutions pest controller with a minimum of 12 monthly inspections as per the Australian Standards.

How much does the policy cost and is it inclusive of GST?

$420.00 inclusive of all costs for a 5 year policy.

How long do I have to apply for the policy after my treatment is complete?

Application for the policy should be received with 28 days of the installation of a new barrier/system. Outside of this time frame please contact our office.

Can any pest controller do the treatment?

No, only accredited Rapid Solution clients.

How do I apply?

Click Here for your application form and other important documentation.